Hfaistos has fully-equipped training facilities, certified and with direct access from train station “Ag. Eleftherios”. You have the option of requesting a short lease for facilities like:

  • Classrooms
  • Reception area
  • Conference room
  • Jobs

It also offers the possibility of long-term rental of larger sections with the purpose of:

  • Establishment of long-term business or activities
  • Remodeling space for specialized actions
Occupational rehabilitation is a stable for every person that will provide him with the conditions to successfully meet the demands of the modern environment in which he lives.

Having as a guide the 82 years of experience and presence of the organization in the field of vocational training and understanding the growing need for specialization, the educational association “HFAISTOS” offers cooperation with specialists and companies who want:

  • Design their own programs open to the public of their choice, taking advantage of the educational facilities and / or the HFAISTOS network
  • Organize workshops and seminars to upgrade their staff
  • To create co-branded, joint projects in collaboration with Hfaistos
Hfaistos counts over 30 active collaborations, 20 European integrated programs and a variety of actions, is a reference point through which you can work together to develop actions such as:

  • Meetups
  • Presentations and meetings of communities
  • Free seminars and workshops of a social nature